Renewing Hope ...


Mission Statement
Love, accept and reach out to urban women in prostitution with a view to building community through relationships and improving their quality of life and challenging civil society about the issues they face through effective prevention and education programs.

Values inform all aspects of our life together including people, processes and practice.

Respect for individuals – we recognize the uniqueness of all individuals and are committed to being positive, encouraging and appreciative of their contribution to the community.

Holistic – taking in every aspect of life including the social, religious, political, environmental and cultural.

Service – in everything we do we seek to serve and not to dominate.

Unconditional Love – we accept everyone despite their social background and history, their cultural, tribal, racial, religious, denominational or political affiliation and their gender, age, sexual orientations and physical condition.

Justice and Advocacy – we seek to (whenever appropriate) create a platform and/or speak up for the marginalized, rejected, poor, underprivileged and to challenge systems that marginalizes and impoverish individuals and communities.

Working in Team - committed to teamwork and taking a consensus orientated approach to decision making.

Professionalism – seeking to work to the very best of our ability, with diligence and integrity.

Accountability & Honesty – we choose to trust and deal truthfully with one another and with the people that we are working with and for.

Openness to Change – we are willing to be ready to change the way we do things and the structure/environment of how we do it. We are ready to receive new ideas, regular appraisals, outside input and positive criticism.

Internationalism – we are seeking to develop International partnerships and friendships that are mutually beneficial and express international solidarity that benefits the poor.

Joy – in all circumstances.