Should You Purchase a Clip-on or Tape-in Hair Weave?

Hair weaves are more commonly known as hair extensions and are pretty common. If you have never used hair weaves before then it is quite possible that you do not know how to position or use it. The best way to learn is from online guides; you would be able to find a lot of online video tutorials on it which will make the learning experience a piece of cake.

Many people do not know that mens weave is available too and you can find it in stores and online too. Before you purchase a weave, you should know that there are different ways to attach a hair weave which is why they are often categorized in two main categories i.e. clip-on and tape-in hair weaves. The material of the hair can be the same, only the way it goes onto the head is different.

Clip-on Hair Weave

Clip-on hair extensions are the easiest and certainly take less time to get them attached. As the name suggests, hair weaves are clipped in with the real hair and it blends in smoothly with it. People often prefer clip on because it takes couple of minutes and the whole process is easy enough that anyone can do it. If you want extra volume for a hairdo or just a day then clip-ons are the best choice as you can clip them on and off in no time at all. It would not harm a strand on your hair and you do not need any expertise to do clip it on.

Tape-in Hair Weave

Tape-in hair weaves can last up to many days and the taping on process takes around half an hour. We would recommend that you first watch a tutorial on the process and then purchase it.

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