The issues of prostitution in Ethiopia are not much different from the rest of the world – it has a lot to do with poverty, lack of educational and job opportunities for girls, breakdown of families, teenage pregnancy, sexual, emotional and physical abuse on children .… When a few of these factors are combined, the push on young girls to veer towards prostitution becomes significant.

Once young girls and women get involved in prostitution, the face of their original problems changes with more issues engulfing their lives, loss of self worth, addictions, destructive learnt behaviors…

E-WAR’s programs are designed to address both the rehabilitation aspect of women in prostitution, prevention education to vulnerable youth as well as to create awareness about issues around prostitution among the civil society.

Currently, E-WAR works in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia and in Adama town, 60 miles east of Addis. Adama is a major truck stop, which also means a high number of bars and high number of women in prostitution.

All the programs of E-WAR run with same values, similar programs and tools, but team of each center has the responsibility and encouragement to adjust programs and materials to fit their context – as we respect and work through our values.

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