Reasons a Cat Might Stop Eating

Cats are often termed as greedy and it is even said that a cat would go to anyone as long as it is fed but the truth is far from it and you might be surprised to hear that there are some cases in which cats might completely refuse to eat. It does not happen with every cat but there are many cat owners who worry to death when they notice that their cat has stopped eating and the truth is that such a condition is worrisome because if a cat does not eat anything for 2 weeks then it is likely that it will die and if it stops eating and drinking water then it would not even survive 2 weeks. If you go to MiluMimi, you will some very useful information on different ways to get a cat to eat and many of the tricks might work but if they are not then there is something seriously wrong with your pet.


One of the main causes that a cat might stop eating is because it is going through some illness and it has stopped feeling hunger or it is too painful for it to eat. If you have tried every trick imaginable then you need to take your pet to the doctor to get it examined and our advice is to not wait for the 2 weeks.

Interested in Food

We all know that cats are moody so you need to remember that if you are giving your cat one type of food and it is refusing to eat that then you should try giving it something else because cats only like to eat things that they find flavorful.


If your cat is recovering from some sickness or vaccine shots then it is possible that it might not feel up to eating so you would need to slowly reintroduce it to food.

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