Longboard vs. Skateboard: Everything You Need to Know

From a distance skateboards and longboards might appear identical to untrained eyes but in reality they have various features that set them apart from each other.   This a controversial topic which has started various debates online among the sports fans from all over the world. Despite going through various articles online you may still feel indecisive about this topic and might not be able to make a clear distinction between the two options.

As a sport enthusiast one of the major aspects that might help you determine the right choice is what kind of shape and size is right for you. Skateboards have curved edges on either side which gives an edge to the players who want to use it show off various flipping tricks. On the other hand, a typical longboard is quite long which can measure up to 140 cm. In order to learn more about both these sports equipment, make sure to visit the website of Thrill Appeal at www.thrillappeal.com now.

As the skateboards are considered latest out of both the options, they have various features that have upgraded functions. The truck size and shape of this modern sport equipment is what gives them an edge over its traditional counterpart. Kingpin is attached at the bottom of the board which keeps the wheels attached to the deck at each angle. The trucks in skateboards are much narrower in size compared to that of longboards which allows the users to take sharp turns.

When it comes to terrain settings, longboards are considered reliable because of their heavy-duty body and larger size. They can be used for long distance travel and are designed to cruise on various terrains. Skateboards are much better options for those players who like to flip and do tricks.

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