Choosing Online Services

If you are thinking about switching over to a new cell phone service or a new cell phone plan then you would do well to do a bit of research before making the final decision. To many people it can feel like the service providers are all giving you the same package and that there is nothing all that different or great about any specific plan. This assumption is mostly a mistake, there are some differences but those small and few differences can make all the difference in the world with your experiences using your phone.

So to avoid a bad experience that you will not otherwise see coming, we are going to be discussing two of the biggest mobile package and plan providers in all of Canada, Virgin Mobile and Koodo. There are also other plans , packages, and services like Acanac services or Fido services and you should research those as well before making a full decision.

Virgin mobile is one of the biggest mobiles services in the country and the coverage spreads to almost every corner of Canada with 99% of the people living in Canada being able to use the service if they wished.  Most of the cell phone plans and packages aimed at customers already include things like 4G internet and there is the added convenience of there being a free app that lets you manage the amount of money you are putting in the packages.

Alternatively the Koodo service is also available in almost every part of Canade with a 99% coverage access to the general population that is living in Canada. While the convenience of having an app is not available to Koodo users, you can manage it on their website which lets you manage your phone and net package.

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