Cats And The Outdoors

If you happen to have a cat in your house, you will find that there is not a lot that they want to do. Apart from the random bursts of energy they get in the middle of the night where they end up knocking things over every now and then, cats are not that active, especially if you compare them to dogs. So, people prefer having their cats stay indoors and this arrangement has worked out for centuries. However, there is slowly a shift in trends and people are no longer just taking their dogs out for walks and adventures, cats are now slowly beginning to join in as well.

Now it is important to remember that not every cat will like being outdoors. Some cats do happen to love exploring and being outside, however, there are also a lot of cats that do not like being outside and it can cause them a lot of distress. So, you need to be patient and cautious when taking your cat out for the first time. They will be hesitant at first, but some will start exploring and indicating an interest in their new surroundings. If the cat seems distressed and scared, then do not force it to go out or else it can stress the animal.

The first thing you need to get your cat if you are trying to take them outdoors is a cat harness/leash, and a cat carrier. Both of these items are essential for your cat’s safety. If you are looking to buy the two, you can visit for their list and recommendations. If your cat ends up liking the outdoors, it can become a great activity for both of you and you can end up having a lot of adventures you did not expect to have before.

Maintenance of Your Dog’s Orthopedic Bed

Orthopedic beds of dogs are not like ordinary dog beds because they have memory foam in which is a special type of foam that has orthopedic characteristics as it allows the bed to adjust to the weight of the dog and distribute the weight even across the bed. This type of bed is known to be best for dogs that are old, have some type of skeletal problems or are injured but the truth is that orthopedic beds should be used by all dogs because they are perfect for the comfort of the dogs. If you have bought an orthopedic dog bed large but you do not know how to take care of it, just follow the tips that we have written down.

Manufacturer’s Instructions

The best way that you can maintain your dog’s orthopedic bed is by following the instructions of the manufacturer as they would contain everything that you should do to take care of the bed and everything that you should avoid to do as it would damage the bed.

No Washing

As we previously mentioned, orthopedic beds are made with memory foam and this particular foam cannot be washed so do not make the mistake of washing it. Water damages the construction of the foam and since it does not easily dry, mold develops inside the foam.

Washing The Liners

A good quality orthopedic dog bed would have a liner attached and covering the memory foam and you can wash that without a problem. If the orthopedic dog bed has external covers then they can be washed in the washer too.

Quick Action

One thing that you need to remember to do is to quickly take action if your dog urinates or dumps some other thing on the bed or else the stain might stay.

Reasons a Cat Might Stop Eating

Cats are often termed as greedy and it is even said that a cat would go to anyone as long as it is fed but the truth is far from it and you might be surprised to hear that there are some cases in which cats might completely refuse to eat. It does not happen with every cat but there are many cat owners who worry to death when they notice that their cat has stopped eating and the truth is that such a condition is worrisome because if a cat does not eat anything for 2 weeks then it is likely that it will die and if it stops eating and drinking water then it would not even survive 2 weeks. If you go to MiluMimi, you will some very useful information on different ways to get a cat to eat and many of the tricks might work but if they are not then there is something seriously wrong with your pet.


One of the main causes that a cat might stop eating is because it is going through some illness and it has stopped feeling hunger or it is too painful for it to eat. If you have tried every trick imaginable then you need to take your pet to the doctor to get it examined and our advice is to not wait for the 2 weeks.

Interested in Food

We all know that cats are moody so you need to remember that if you are giving your cat one type of food and it is refusing to eat that then you should try giving it something else because cats only like to eat things that they find flavorful.


If your cat is recovering from some sickness or vaccine shots then it is possible that it might not feel up to eating so you would need to slowly reintroduce it to food.