Comfort And Gaming, Hand in Hand

Gaming is serious work, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Well, to be fair gaming for long hours requires you to have a lot of focus and a very good attention span as well so it’s not right to say that gaming is just leisure and nothing else. Prolonged gaming hours can improve your ability to think critically and make difficult decisions really fast, actually. However, we’re not here to debate the many benefits of gaming to the naysayers, at least not for today. Today we talk about gaming and comfort.

As a competitive gamer, it’s a given that you’re going to be gaming for long hours so you might as well start worrying about how comfortable you are while gaming. This means that you need to choose your gaming furniture well. Your PC table should be at a height that encourages you to sit straight so that you can play. More importantly, you’ll need a gaming chair that’s both comfortable and healthy for your back.

Now no one wants their gaming rig to look dull at all. We want to be comfortable while we’re playing but then again we also want everything in the vicinity of our gaming rigs to be such that it all fits into that nice edgy aesthetics we have going on. The dxracer oh rv001 seat is perfect for all of these things; it’s really comfortable and you can adjust it so that your back is in the optimal position throughout your gaming hours. On top of it all, it looks spectacular.

You can read a full dxracer oh rv001 review here. If your gaming seat is the only part of your entire rig that you haven’t fitted in theme yet, then here’s your call to do just that.