What Does Mackeeper Do to My Mac?

Did you leave your mac alone for a couple of seconds and came back to find that the Mackeeper has downloaded something onto your PC? If you’re one of those paranoid users that care too much about viruses and the like, this could freak you out. Even though you can find where the .dmg file is, you might still be worried about how some malware might be lurking in your PC’s files.

Rest assured, regardless of what some people say, Mackeeper is not a harmful malware that’s trying to break into your PC and steal you precious information. In fact, what mackeeper really does is quite the contrary; it’s a cleaning utility software that can help you improve your Mac user experience. The advertisements are just plain annoying and will make anyone not trust the app. So is mackeeper a scam?

You’ll be prompted to buy the software pretty soon, making it even fishier. It’s like they’re giving you reasons to not trust them. They’re reaching for your wallet pretty fast, which is another great way of scaring your users away. However, it’s not a scam since you will get what you paid for. Having mackeeper can improve your user experience. It can free up RAM taken by background processes, which is honestly a blessing. Having fewer running apps will also improve your battery life quite a bit.

Mackeeper also makes it easier for you to decide which apps you want to keep and which ones you’d want to uninstall. This so much more helpful than the stock uninstaller interface of your mac. You can also keep track of all the duplicate files you’ve created and get rid of them. This frees up more storage than you’d think.